Lenovo + Healthcare = Good Medicine!

Ever walked into a doctor’s office and seen rows and rows of filing cabinets behind the reception desk?  Ever stand in line with a runny nose and fever waiting for a pharmacist to fill your prescription?  Ever been thankful for the crystal clear image on a monitor that has just helped your doctor save a loved one’s life?

As technology and government requirements, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) continue to embed themselves into doctors’ offices and beyond, the way patients receive care will evolve. Think about it, those cabinets contain sensitive information on every patient’s medical history. Moving these onto rugged, dependable, secure computers will eliminate the need for all those filing cabinets.  It will also allow healthcare providers – like a specialist and a family doctor – share key medical information securely so they can provide the care you and your family need.

Time spent standing in line for a prescription can be reduced as doctors start to use the stylus on a ThinkPad Tablet to write their prescriptions then, with a click of a button send it directly to the pharmacist before you have left their office.  More importantly,  reviewing medical images will become faster, easier and more accurate as workstations become even more powerful and crystal clear images will become even sharper leading to more life saving decisions.

These are just a few examples of how technology can play an important role in healthcare.

Here are more:


Customer Issue Lenovo Product Lenovo Solution
Tablets for Mobility, Point of Care Needs X220 Tablet, ThinkPad Tablet X220 Tablet is a 12.5” Windows based convertible tablet.


ThinkPad Tablet is a 10.1” running a customizable version of Android.

Both tablets are durable, touch enabled, have multiple connectivity options, and strong battery life.

Durable Notebooks ThinkPad Classic Line( T,X,L & W) The ThinkPad Classic line passes eight military spec tests and is equipped to handle the day to day rigors of the healthcare environment.
Limited Space AIO’s and SFF
/ USFF Desktops
Lenovo’s AIOs can sit on a desktop or with the standard VESA mount, can be mounted on a wall, arm or cart. Lenovo’s Small Form Factor (SFF) and Ultra Small Form Factor (USFF) ThinkCenter desktops offer top-notch performance in a smaller size.
Touchscreens That Need To Be Cleaned AIO: M90z , M71z & Edge 91z; ThinkPad Tablet TouchScreens that can be used with gloved hands and have a glass overlay so they can be wiped down using disinfecting wipes without damaging the screen.
Telemedicine Using An AIO M90z, M71z Integrated cameras and mics with a physical on/off switch for the camera. This makes telemedicine and video conferencing quick and easy while offering a very simple way to verify that the camera is off when it is not in use.
Performance,Detailed Graphics and ISV Certifications ThinkStations: E20, S20, C20 & D20
Note: C20 Workstationis the world’s smallest dual processor workstation
The latest generation of Intel Xeon processors, tested and qualified with Barco and ISV certifications from Phillips, GE Healthcare and McKesson, make ThinkStations ideal for Pharma/Bio Tech R&D, PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and CRO’s (Clinical Research Organizations).
Security Security is a top feature of our entire Think Classic line! One of the more popular features for security compliance is integrated biometrics that support single sign-on and complex passwords with a swipe of the finger.
Power Consumption All Think Classic Products Significant bottom line savings due to reduced power consumption and more controls with Power Manager for adjustability based on the setting

In addition to our products and as a part of our commitment to the healthcare industry and our partners we are excited to announce new marketing tools so our partners can build upon their knowledge of this business:

  • Healthcare brochure
  • Sales presentation
  • Battlecards
  • Messaging Matrix
  • Product flyers/information

All of these pieces assist our partners in identifying the correct solution for their valued healthcare customers while providing information on why they are relevant to your customer.

To learn more about our product lineup and how we are helping our partners grow their healthcare business please visit: www.lenovopartnernetwork.com/healthcare This site contains an overview of Lenovo in the healthcare market, specific information on a wide range of Lenovo products, their healthcare-specific benefits and suggested positioning for customers, enablement and more!

We are constantly updating the site with new information so stay tuned and check back often!