Lenovo Hangouts - The questions you wanted to ask but didn’t get to…

We recently held a Lenovo Hangout session a couple of weeks back on the New ThinkPad X1 Carbon with our product experts, Dilip Bhatia (VP ThinkPad Prod. Marketing), Alysia Baker (Prod. Marketing Manager), Chris Karaffa (Lenovo Advocate) and Raju PP (Tech Blogger).

Relive the Experience below

However, due to some technical faults, the Hangout prematurely ended and we know that there were a few questions which could not be answered in time. Well fret not, here are the answers!

ANSWER: We’ve done a lot of user research about how to improve our keyboard and two trends stood out: Users wanted a simpler keyboard but still wanted all the functionality they were used to. This is why we developed the Adaptive Keyboard. By combining 40 shortcuts in a dynamically changing row, it brings the most pertinent shortcuts for the application to the forefront without taking away functionality.

ANSWER: Yes, there will be an update to allow you to assign your own apps to the 4 rows.

ANSWER: Absolutely. X1 Carbon is all about pushing boundaries and the newest generation is no exception. Everyone interacts with their devices differently and the we understand this. By having different interactive features, we allow users to personalize their experience in whatever way they work and play best.

ANSWER: In addition to the new user interactive features like the Adaptive Keyboard, voice and gesture control, we also have improved basic features that we know our users need to be successful. We’ve improved battery life so our users can enjoy up to 9 hours – that’s a whole day. We also have Rapid Charge, so when our users do need to recharge, they can get 80% in under an hour. We also have the new ColorBurst display, which allows for the a great viewing experience, whether our users are building a presentation or streaming a movie.

ANSWER: As technology has changed, so has how ThinkPad incorporates the “ThinkPad Toughness” we are known for. The new X1 Carbon passes all the same tests as our other ThinkPad products while still getting thinner and lighter. One of the great benefits of utilizing carbon is that we are able to improve the form factor without sacrificing durability.

Rob McFarland10:13 - Will the adaptive keyboard default to Fn keys if using a non-Windows OS?
ANSWER: The base utility driver package is designed to only work in Windows, but some basic functionality is supported in the BIOS/EC firmware and it will work regardless of OS. Things that will work: volume, mute, brightness, power button, Fn key combination and F# keys. Things that require the base utility driver package (which is Windows only): all AKR controls not listed above, VOIP & Browser rows, AKR dimming, etc. One way to experience this is to boot the machine and hit enter at the ThinkPad splash screen to enter the BIOS mode.  This is what can be expected in non-Windows environments. It will switch between these two rows (F# and Home) and some icons will work (those listed above), and some won’t (like cloud, voice, camera gesture, search, etc).

Gregory Vaughn10:12 - How will apps scale on the higher res display?
ANSWER: Windows 8 modern apps support auto scaling.  The OS auto scales depending on the resolution of the display.  For Windows 7 it is preset.

Well, we hope that helped! Do join us on future Lenovo Hangouts -- Over and Out!