We want you to: #HacktheLogo

Here at Lenovo, we’ve recently unveiled our new brand identity and philosophy: Never Stand Still – a state of mind influenced by an ever-changing world.

And to celebrate, we’d like to invite YOU to develop your own visual interpretations of this philosophy by hacking our logo!

Take a look at the box space behind our logo and see what you would do to make it different, then submit your creation with the hashtag #HacktheLogo. Your creation could appear on our social channels and could also be featured at our launch events around the world!

Here's a #HacktheLogo idea for inspiration:


Take a look at our guidelines below to make sure your work fits into our criteria, then go forth and hack! The campaign runs from the 12th to the 25th of August 2015 – so get started on your hacks now. We can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with. #HacktheLogo


  • Work can be static or dynamic – ranging from photography, illustrations and paintings through to animations, moving footage and GIFs – as long as it represents a strong and energetic representation of the philosophy through the collaborator’s artistic style.
  • All work must be presented in a digital format (any physical work such as collages/sculptures can be presented via photography/moving footage).
  • All video must be supplied in HD.
  • Each piece of dynamic work must be under five seconds long.
  • All images must be supplied in 300 dpi (and above). We recommend image size should be 800 x 266 or larger.
  • If an image is selected for other branding opportunities/launch events you may be required to submit a higher-res image.
  • Work should not contain visual references deemed to be objectionable, vulgar or offensive (e.g. racism, sexism, violence, profanity and sexual references).
  • Work shall remain the property of the collaborator, but the collaborator agrees for Lenovo to present the work (along with appropriate credits) at launch events and on their global social media channels – where possible, social media posts will link back to collaborator’s owned channels.
  • You should own the rights to the image or use rights-free images.