Lenovo Experts Live - Support that puts a smile on your face

Traditional warranty support covers your computer hardware and the original configuration of the machine.   Let's face it, nobody leaves their computer the way it came out of the box.   We all add software, change the settings, connect multiple accessories, and carry our computer with us when we travel.  We connect to all kinds of different wireless networks too - at the corner coffee and bagel, the airport or hotel, our offices or client locations.  With constant use and a steady diet of changes, sooner or later we find ourselves in need of some help.  Where to turn?Enter Lenovo Experts Live, a relatively new service in the U.S. market that provides a comprehensive range of support capabilities over the phone, via chat, or for those that just want the issue resolved with minimal involvement,  a remote system takeover option.   Think of this service as an extension of an IT help desk for small businesses without an IT department, or a personal help desk for individual users with needs outside traditional warranty service.   LEL fills a void in the one-to-one customer care space at Lenovo.Lenovo Experts Live may not be the solution for everyone - some of our customers prefer to work through software and third party accessory configuration challenges with as much relish as an enthusiast working a Sodoku puzzle.   I suggest you take a moment to click through the LEL websiteand note the different offerings and packages.  You may not need these services today or tomorrow, but it's good to know they are there and available to you when needed most.   While there, check out the testimonials - letters from customers with a smile on their face.  If you've had a recent LEL experience, tell us how it went.UPDATE:  Effective 8/15/08, Lenovo has withdrawn the Lenovo Experts Live offering.