Lenovo Expands Focus to Support Exploration Workflows in the Oil & Gas Industry

ThinkStation D30 Workstation with 30

Guest blog by Chris McCoy, Vertical Marketing Manager, ThinkStation

The Lenovo ThinkStation brand has long been known for its superior performance and reliability in the Manufacturing, Financial, and Media and Entertainment industries. But did you know that Lenovo has been quietly working to support highly complex and robust workflows for some of the world’s largest Energy, Utility, and Oil & Gas companies?

Today’s Oil & Gas companies have to work quickly and accurately to determine which leases hold vast amounts of precious petrochemicals and which are simply full of saltwater and nonporous rocks.  The gamble is huge. The stakes are high. And the software that Geologists and Geophysicists use to find these reservoirs have become highly robust and parallel. They often utilize numerous algorithms to process vast amounts of seismic and geological data in mere milliseconds.   The workstations that support these application workloads must scale far beyond a typical multi-core platform. They must be designed to support dozens of cores, up to 512GB of memory, the fastest storage and I/O technologies, as well as highly advanced Nvidia GPUs and co-processing technologies.  Over the last year, the Lenovo ThinkStation team has worked diligently with industry-leading exploration software companies (such as Schlumberger, Paradigm, TerraSpark and FFA) to test and certify Lenovo’s ThinkStation platforms to support these critical workflows.   This testing and certification process provides Lenovo and its technology partners with the opportunity to test and tweak system and configuration profiles to deliver maximum application performance.

Over the coming months we’ll take a closer look at several emerging solutions and technologies Lenovo is developing with our partners to optimize critical workflows across the Energy industry. We look forward to sharing the findings with our customers and others across the industry.