Looking Back on a Decade of Innovation

This Friday, May 1, Lenovo will mark the 10-year anniversary of acquiring the IBM PC Company, which included the iconic ThinkPad laptop line. With hindsight as a 20/20 guide, you can easily argue that moment gave Lenovo a creative shot in the arm and touched off a great decade of innovation. (Of course, culture-shaking change was happening all around us in tech, social and even the way we all regard cat photos.)

In 2005, Lenovo was a PC maker and nothing more—no tablets, no smartphones, no enterprise business. The company was a force in China and nowhere else. The IBM PC acquisition launched us on an incredible 10-year trajectory, an improbable journey from a niche business to a major player that is now #1 in PCs and #3 in servers and smartphones globally.

We still have a huge employee base in China as well as the USA, where the bulk of those IBM employees landed. But we’re everywhere now, with talented colleagues in more than 60 countries and products sold in more than 160 nations. Of course, our family continues to grow with the recent addition of Motorola and the IBM x86 Server business.

To mark this anniversary, we will publish reflections each day this week. We’ll hear from Lenovo executives and fans, pausing to remember some of the products and moments that linger in our memory. We hope to hear from you as well, and we hope you enjoy this look back.

What Lenovo or non-Lenovo tech of the last 10 years have you owned, coveted, loved or hated? What early memories do you have about the social media platforms that are now so commonplace? Share your stories in the comment section below or tweet them to your audience. Be sure to tag @Lenovo and hashtag with #DecadeOfInnovation.

Here’s to the next 10 years and beyond.