Lenovo Connections: Connecting with customers around the world

It's called the World Wide Web for good reason.  Lenovo customers come from all corners of the globe to join us here on Lenovoblogs.com, sharing their insights, ideas, and even candid feedback on areas for improvement. Over the past year and a half, we've started several ongoing conversations, and have been extremely gratified by the interest and support that has poured in when we asked our customers to share their thoughts on popular topics like Linux, or on particular design points like the stripes on Thinkpads.  The opportunity of this medium is broader and deeper than just a discussion of products and features, which is why we've explored how central the role of technology is in Formula one, and how Lenovo, as a company can make a difference in the lives of people around the world. Lenovo Connections will extend the breadth of this conversation further still,  exploring more points of the Lenovo experience from supply chain, to service and support, linking and connecting with our communities around the world.  This blog will be a shared platform for conversations about Lenovo, its initatives and its leadership.  It will also present news of interest to our customers. By way of introduction, my name is Mark Hopkins and I joined Lenovo in 2005,  following twelve years with IBM.  During those years, I worked in a variety of jobs from technical support to development, and then desiring to make more of a direct difference for customers, I moved into the customer satisfaction arena.  I have worked closely with Lenovo's Social Media team  since the early days of 2006, and quickly realized the value of this medium to expand the interaction with our customers beyond the point of sale, or when support or warranty assistance might be needed.  Our interactions with customers should be ongoing and enduring. The vision for this blog is that it be a shared platform, at times written in my voice, and often serving to host commentary from executives and other thought leaders from around the globe.  As we go forward together, please let us know what areas you would like to learn more about.   We will try to provide coverage of those areas in future posts.