Lenovo - coming to an elevator near you?

Approaching the elevators on my way into work yesterday I noticed something a bit different... The usually plain stainless steel doors, had been transformed overnight into vibrant promotions for Lenovo's newest products, the X300 ThinkPad, the ThinkStation, and the uber green ThinkCentre M57p desktop.

Perhaps I've been living under a rock.   I've seen a growing number of cars, vans and buses on the road wrapped with amazing graphic designs.  I've even seen store windows and doors given the same treatment but never an elevator.&nbsnbsp; In hindsight, it seems brilliant, especially in a modern high-rise office building. Everyday hundreds, even thousands of people gather in small groups awaiting the arrival of an elevator.  Some press the elevator call button then occupy themselves with small talk, or just stare ahead at the closed doors while reflecting on their day.  Others impatiently jab the button repeatedly in hopes the elevator will sense their efforts and hasten it's approach, but eventually even their eyes revert to the implacable steel doors. Now, with a bit of clever wrap and some grand artwork, the humble elevator can make a bold brand impression on those awaiting its arrival. What is the most memorable elevator wrap you've seen and where was it?