Lenovo CEO Bill Amelio joins the conversation

About a week ago, Lenovo Blogs reader "Yannick" placed a comment on the "Guess the ThinkPad" post over at Inside the Box. He had this to say:

I’m very sorry for the off-topic comment, but I didn’t know where else to put this (a brief scan of the blog didn’t turn up a feedback link; sorry if I missed it). This and the other Lenovo blogs are truly insidious. I’ve been subscribed to the RSS feeds for a few months now. With each post about the care and attention lavished on Thinkpad design, I’ve felt my resistance worn down bit by bit. For various reasons, I was in the market for a new computer last week. Because of this blog in particular, I bought a T61. The Lenovo blogs are by far the most effective advertising I’ve ever seen. No slick ad campaign has ever sold me anything, but by talking about Thinkpad features in such a humble, personal and reasonable way, you convinced me that a Thinkpad is the right machine for me. Thank you. Keep up the great work and please keep blogging!

Lenovo's CEO, Bill Amelio, shares the following reply to Yannick:

Yannick, your comment made my week. When we say we make the world’s best-engineered PCs, it’s more than a slogan. Everyone at Lenovo understands that your PC – the one you use every day – is very important to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a road warrior like me, sit behind a desk in an office, bring your notebook to a job site every day, or just use it at home. You expect that PC to live up to its billing. That’s how we approach our jobs every day. I’m also glad that you posted your comment online. The reason we’ve started our blogs is to keep in touch with as many of our customers as we can. We’re a global company, with customers on every continent. So blogs are the ideal meeting place, because they operate in just one time zone, “now.” It’s a way for us to keep our customers up to date and to hear what they have to say back. In fact, expect to see a lot more posts directly from me and my executive team on the Lenovo Connections blog. We’re excited about the coming year, including our expansion into the consumer market and our sponsorship of the Olympics in Beijing. So, check back often and keep the comments coming. Every piece of feedback we get helps us improve the products you buy from us. Comments like yours let us know that we’re getting it right. Thanks to you and all our customers for trusting Lenovo. Bill Amelio