Lenovo blogger night at 7atenine

Derrick Koh, Lenovo's communications manager  for the ASEAN region,  shares his thoughts on the first Lenovo blogger meet up for 2009.  Judging by the pictures and enthusiasm of the attendees, I can't help but feel a twinge of envy.  Kudos to Derrick and team! - Mark

First Lenovo Blogger Nite for 2009!

Derrick Koh

Good food, great venue, exciting never-seen-before Lenovo products and excellent company. I was referring to our blogger guests of course - ahem. Last Monday 9 Feb, about 15 local bloggers and six Lenovo colleagues descended upon 7atenine, a trendy restaurant in the uniquely shaped Esplanade, right on the Marina Bay in Singapore.

The room was set up simply for this no-frills event - being the practical organiser, I'd rather let our upcoming products be the highlight and meaningful conversations frame the night. So no prancing horses, dancing bears, fire eaters or stilt-walking cameos for entertainment. Just our product managers, comms and marketing folks there to support the all star cast of the all-in-one IdeaCentre A600, IdeaPads Y650, Y550, Y450, as well as the game-changing ThinkPad W700 workstation. A little surprise that I brought along to show off was the Secure Portable HDD which won rave reviews recently.

Close to 7pm, guests began streaming in and were served cocktails and finger food. Drinks flowed as did conversations revolving around what's happening in the local blogosphere and what's new in Lenovo World. With almost all the invited in the private corner of the swanky black and white themed restaurant, I welcomed them and gave them a run down of our straight-forward agenda for the night: Brief product intros, some demos and FOOD, GLOROIOUS FOOD!

Lots of questions were raised regarding the 4-in-1 remote control of the A600, including its wireless VoIP handset functionality, motion control games, 'air' mouse and Windows media centre features. Some bloggers loved the mean-looking 17" W700, testing out it's WACOM digitiser with impromptu sketches via deft strokes of the stylus. The photography buffs among them checked out the colour calibrator built into the notebook. Many had never seen a HDD that is both secure and comes with its own digital combination lock built into the casing - a couple of raised eyebrows and nods of approvals ensued.

The night slipped too quickly by and soon it was 11.30pm. Most were draining the last sips of their beverages from glasses, and with camera flashes (and videocams!) batteries exhausted, we exchanged goodbyes and thanks for the kind attendance and 'reveal-n-tell'.

All in all, another worthwhile event for Lenovo to meet the social media community again, listen, learn and act on feedback received. The bloggers' initial comments were positive - most of them appreciating the 'first looks' opportunity before the traditional media and press did - a very rare but deliberate decision by Lenovo to put our money our mouth is - to give increased priority and privileges to bloggers in the brave new (digital) world where regular media and new are complementary and exist side by side.

Having a nice ambience, great food and drinks sure doesn't hurt. Did I mention great products? :)

-Derrick Koh

(All images credit to http://Lesterchan.net)