Lenovo Attends COE 2015 Annual PLM Experience and TechniFair

In late April, I had the pleasure of attending COE (CATIA Operators Exchange) Annual PLM Experience and TechniFair in Charleston, S.C., of which Lenovo was a Gold sponsor. COE is the independent user group of Dassault CATIA, and this is the group’s largest annual gathering. For Lenovo, this was an excellent opportunity to showcase our mobile and desktop innovation, as the event typically draws more than 600 attendees from all over the automotive and aerospace landscape. This includes representatives from Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, GE, Gulfstream, Honda, Lockheed Martin, Parker Hannifin, Toyota and many others.

Our primary products on display at COE 2015 were the ThinkStation P500 and ThinkPad W541, our powerful desktop and mobile workstations, both of which are well suited to this audience. I’m happy to report that response to both products was overwhelming. Our 10X10 booth had a constant flow of CATIA users, all of whom marveled at the pioneering features in these machines – including, notably, the ThinkStation P Series FLEX connector. Additionally, many attending companies who are not Lenovo customers asked why they didn’t have this technology in their companies. It was exciting validation of our innovative approach, and this kind of feedback was a constant throughout the event.

In addition to the traffic in our booth, as part of the event we sponsored a classroom where ThinkStation P500 workstations were used to conduct CATIA training. The P500 was also featured in the “Top Gun” design contest to crown the fastest CATIA designer. Altogether, the booth, training workshop and Top Gun contest provided strong exposure for our powerful systems, giving users the ability to experience Lenovo Workstations running their favorite applications.

While it can sometimes be difficult to gauge our impact at a large event or tradeshow, there was no mistaking the enthusiasm and excitement for Lenovo’s presence at COE 2015. Further, we can now tell our customers that COE uses Lenovo workstations to train its users, certify designers’ skills in CATIA usage and that when CATIA holds competitions to determine the best and fastest CATIA users, they turn to one provider to supply the workstation horsepower necessary to compete: Lenovo ThinkStations and ThinkPad mobile workstations. In all, we were very happy to participate at COE, and I’d like to thank our team and all those who attended for making this a highly successful show.