Lenovo at CES

Lenovo, like many others decided that we could get much better focus by locating our presence off of the main show floor at CES. We did not want to go far, so we have established a home base at the Aquaknox restaurant at the Venetian hotel. This keeps us very close to all of the action, but gives us far more space to spread out and share our story in something bigger than a standard 9x13 booth. Lenovo has converted the entire facility into a "Lenovo Experience" with different displays of our new consumer products as well as our Think lineup of PCs. In the evenings, bloggers are welcome to come by for a café experience. Here are some pictures I took this afternoon that I am posting to give you a feel for everything.  In this picture, Tom shows off our ThinkPad X301 to a business partner.  Our events team has stylized the outside entrance with a variety of ThinkPad notebooks on display.  A view from one of the booths that normally hold dining patrons. Now they are places to relax and people watch.  If you look closely, in the upper right hand side, you can see that we've taken apart a ThinkPad X301 to recreate the Business Week article from last February. It is one thing to see the X301 intact, but when you see how everything is packed inside and how small the system board is, it really brings it to a new level of wow.  Stephen demonstrates our new IdeaCentre A600 All in One PC. This is the industry's thinnest all in one and has Wii-like control from a unique remote that also doubles as a VoIP handset.  Scattered throughout the venue are partner booths and plenty of mood lighting.  And behind the scenes, the team that keeps everything happening and running smoothly. I have yet to make it over to the CES floor, but I'm sure it is bedlam like always. More on CES tomorrow.