Lenovo Asset Recovery Services

I'm welcoming Mike Pierce today as a guest blogger.  Mike is our Director of Environmental Affairs and he is writing today about a new service offering from Lenovo.  The video is particularly interesting and won't take you long to watch

Today, there is a lot of discussion and interest in what happens to computers after their useful life is over. For individuals this really means how they are disposed, since those products are usually old enough that there is no secondary market for them. However, for commercial customers, the currently installed base often is around three or four years old and may have significant useful life remaining. One of the basic tenets of environmental responsibility is short handed as R3 - reduce, reuse, recycle. Reusing products is much preferred to recycling, and certainly to disposal.At Lenovo, one of our key objectives is making it easier for customers to do business with us. In my role, I work to make our products, our processes and everything we do more environmentally responsible. It’s nice to see when both these things intersect, as they do with a new service we’re starting to offer at the end of the month called Lenovo Asset Recovery Services.That’s a long name for taking back old computers and other electronic products and either refurbishing or recycling them. Since becoming a global supplier, we’ve been moving toward managing a number of offerings ourselves – this is one of them. It’s open to our business customers in the U.S. and we’ll be rolling it out to other countries later this year. Since we own the service, it means Lenovo now does everything from designing and manufacturing the computer to deployment and finally to the disposal of the used products when the customer replaces them. We’re working with several companies who refurbish and facilitate the reuse of many of the products, and with recyclers for those products that are at end of life. If you want to get a close up look at this process, check out this quick video.To help encourage recycling and to minimize the need for new materials, we’re using more recycled materials in our products. We and the industry as a whole have been focused on designing more energy-efficient products, helping save customers money as well as minimizing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with operating them. Being good stewards of the environment is an evolving, long-term process, and we’re committed to it. We’re not done yet, and we’ll keep working to expand our recycling options. Right now though we hope the new service makes giving replaced products new life or responsible disposal easy for customers.