Lenovo and SAP:  Tackling the Needs of the Digital Economy

This blog is a collaboration between Annabelle Thuan, Lenovo WW Data Center Group, and Tag Robertson, Lenovo Global Alliances

Annabelle: Since the fall of 2014, Lenovo has made huge investments in the enterprise space.  It’s expanded into new markets and areas, leveraged strategic partnerships to offer comprehensive solutions, amplified its presence in the media and at events-all while continuing to produce products that are rated #1 in customer satisfaction by TBR.

I’m in Lenovo’s Briefing Center in Morrisville, NC with Tag Robertson, Lenovo’s Global Alliance Manager, to chat all things SAP in the run up to the 2016 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida next week.

Tag, I know it’s a busy time.  Thank you for meeting with me.  I’ve been working with you specifically on SAP’s go-to-market strategy.  Your role at Lenovo is to strengthen our partnership with SAP on a WW level through jointly executed go-to-market programs as well as bring awareness and education to the jointly developed solutions. 

For people who don’t know, Lenovo is the leading seller of SAP HANA solutions.   What makes this partnership work? 

Tag:  Thanks for having me, Annabelle.  What makes the Lenovo and SAP relationship great is that we have a common goal-making our joint customers successful.  For more than a decade, we’ve been co-innovating to create turnkey appliance solutions for SAP HANA that will facilitate faster implementation, simplify management and reduce TCO.  We work very closely together to optimize our technologies and push innovation.  Both companies are keen to utilize key partnerships to make that happen. Net, we’ll make our customers successful by driving digital transformation, optimizing our technologies and delivering innovative SAP HANA solutions with key partners.

Annabelle:  Earlier this year, Lenovo and SAP announced that they were expanding the partnership. Can you tell me a bit about that?

Tag: Sure.  There are 3 key components to the partnership expansion. First, we will invest in R&D to explore new innovations between Lenovo’s enterprise systems and SAP’s HANA in-memory solutions.  This includes SAP using Lenovo systems to power its SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud platform and IT infrastructure.  Second is something you are very familiar with: We will jointly execute global go-to-market programs and showcase new solutions.     Finally, Lenovo will continue to feature SAP as our preferred ERP provider.  Lenovo’s own implementation of SAP HANA has delivered significant business results and is a finalist for the SAP HANA Innovation award.  With SAP HANA, Lenovo has demonstrated 45X improvement in reporting performance and a 50X improvement in data loading.  As you mentioned earlier, Lenovo is the leading seller of server solutions for SAP HANA.  We’ve shipped more than 5,000 servers optimized for SAP HANA so far.

Annabelle:  What is Lenovo announcing next week at the 2016 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW event?

Tag: Our key points at the event will be innovation, adoption and disruption to enable the agile digital enterprise.  We’re advancing SAP HANA capabilities in data warehousing, memory utilization and memory capacity.  We’re promoting new SAP HANA solutions with CSC, Bluefin and iOLAP; and we’re highlighting hyperconverged solutions for SAP Business Suite applications.

Annabelle:  You mentioned 3 new SAP HANA innovations and 3 new solutions with partners.  Do you mind giving us more details on those?

Tag: In terms of our 3 SAP HANA innovations, we have:

A new, smart data-tiering solution for SAP Business Warehouse on SAP HANA that manages “warm” data.  The new solution enables assignment of an extension node, which allows customers to add more systems to their clusters and gain cost-effective access to larger amounts of data, thereby driving improved analytics performance.

Expanded memory support for solutions running on SAP HANA using systems with next-generation Intel processors.  This advanced capability will provide 33 percent more memory for SAP S/4HANA solutions.  Lenovo intends to support up to eight-socket, 8TB configurations with new systems integrating Intel next generation processors and SAP HANA SPS12.  This innovation will enable customers to expand their SAP S/4HANA footprint and deliver the faster, more responsive data access needed to drive their digital enterprises.

SAP, Lenovo and Samsung are collaborating to show a forward-looking vision of in-memory systems that will leverage 128GB memory technology to unleash further performance advancements, as well as new levels of scalability and optimal in-memory solutions.  These types of systems will be particularly productive for large transactional and data-driven workloads.

In addition, Lenovo is announcing 3 new solutions with our partners:  Bluefin, CSC and iOLAP.  The solution we’ve created with Bluefin is a real-time booth tracking system powered by ioT, SAP HANA and predictive analytics.  It gives you a 360 view of the customer and is applicable across multiple industries.  With CSC we’re highlighting new SAP S/4 HANA solutions and a business risk monitoring solution for cyber applications that will enable organizations to assess the risk associated with excessive access and segregation of duty threats. Finally, with iOLAP we’re enabling end-to-end services to help accelerate migration and optimization of SAP HANA programs.

Annabelle: What else should attendees look for when visiting Lenovo at SAP SAPPHIRE?

Tag: If they aren’t familiar with it yet, or even if they want to stay up-to-speed, they should ask us about our Lenovo Converged HX Series for SAP Business Suite applications.  The Lenovo Converged HX Series allows you to simplify your SAP application IT infrastructure through Lenovo and Nutanix’s common vision helping to reduce cost and accelerate time to value with the combination of Lenovo’s x86 platform and Nutanix software.  This solution delivers reliability you can trust through Lenovo servers and switches.

Annabelle: What’s new this year for Lenovo’s SAP SAPPHIRE Booth #217?

Tag: We’ve increased our sponsorship level to the Sapphire level, so we will have a larger footprint on the show floor to be able to interact with customers in more ways.  For the first time, we’re offering an ‘expert bar’ where event attendees can feel free to approach an expert for 1 on 1 discussion. 

We also have guest speakers so attendees can hear the success they’ve had utilizing our solutions.  For example, American Water will highlight their real-time data analysis to meet customer demand, infrastructure lifecycle management, accurate billing, higher customer satisfaction and new market penetration.  Likewise, FIT will describe how they leverage the flexibility and scalability of the Lenovo solution for SAP HANA to meet demanding SLA and drive lower TCO.  

And, if you want to see our products and solutions in action, we encourage our attendees to visit our six booth demos, showcasing everything from SAP S4/HANA and Lenovo’s Converged HX Series and SAP Business Suite Applications to enabling iOT and wrist to cloud solutions.

Annabelle:  Thanks for telling us more about Lenovo’s partnership with SAP and what we can look forward to at 2016 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW.

To learn more about Lenovo at the 2016 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW, please visit Booth #217.

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