Lenovo™ and Asetek® Team Up to Bring Gamers New Liquid-cooled Lenovo Legion™ Y920 Tower this Fall

Today at gamescom® 2017, we’re excited to share something we’ve been working on with the team at Asetek. We’re combining our talents in high-performance PC design with Asetek’s liquid cooling engineering expertise to bring gamers reliable, whisper-quiet, optional integrated liquid cooling in the new Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower. 

New Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower with optional integrated Asetek liquid cooling

Keeping it Cool When Your Game Heats Up

We know speed and high performance are the number one thing gamers care about. Overclocking your gaming PC can give you the tactical advantage in that split second between winning or losing. That’s why we combined the best of both worlds with Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower’s overclocking and Asetek’s optional integrated liquid cooling. Now you can overclock your CPU for ramped-up graphics, increased frame rate stability, smoother gameplay, reduced system noise and motherboard stress, and more reliability for the PC’s components.  

How It Works

Mechanically, Asetek’s liquid cooling functions similarly to a car radiator. Liquid wicks heat from an area and transports it to a heat exchanger. Traditionally liquid cooling was a complex technology to put into practice with fluid, tubing, and blocks – causing maintenance issues. Asetek’s invention of the closed loop cooler made liquid cooling reliable without sacrificing performance. This leads to higher CPU cooling performance, better acoustics and extra protection for the components in your Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower for hardcore gaming. 

How Asetek’s liquid cooling works

A Cool Collaboration

The liquid-cooled Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower is the first product we’re bringing to market with Asetek technology. It’s also another step in our commitment to bring gamers strong performance and an immersive PC gaming experience – through a collaborative approach with gamers and industry partners alike.

In EMEA, the Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower with optional integrated liquid cooling will be available starting at €2,399 (VAT included) in October 2017.1 All products are available on www.lenovo.com.

Specs for the Lenovo Legion Y920 Tower can be found at http://bit.ly/2wcehSc

Full 2017 Gamescom press kit at http://bit.ly/2vKCRIX

Discover more at www.lenovo.com/gaming.

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