Lenovo 2007 retrospective

As many of us are taking the opportunity today to reflect upon our personal and professional challenges and accomplishments of the past year,  I thought it perhaps fitting to take a look at some of the things that happened for Lenovo in 2007.    Let’s start with the products.   Early in 2007, the Thinkpad product line was refreshed with the hot new Intel “Santa Rosa” processor and chipset.   The familiar T, R, and X series systems continued while the Z family of Thinkpads were retired later in the year.   The “Best Engineered” campaign kicked off and highlighted not only many of Lenovo’s product innovations like the Magnesium rollcage and airbag technologies, but shared a bit of Lenovo’s overall vision and inspiration for how leading technologies change the world.  Perhaps one of the more memorable hallmarks is the short summary video entitled Anthem.   Check it out here if you haven’t viewed it before.   ThinkPad celebrated it’s 15th anniversary with the Reserve Edition , a revised X series model, wrapped in premium leather and backed by an exclusive executive service package. The Lenovo 3000 laptops were also refreshed with updated features and appearance,  and new models such as the Y410 appeared around the world in China, India, Germany, and in retail stores in the United States, as Lenovo took it's first steps into the consumer market.   Lenovo 3000 desktop models like the J115 and K100 systems also made their consumer debut.    The ThinkCentre A61e, Lenovo’s newest and greenest small form factor desktop was announced and was received with much interest by our customers.  The possibilities of solar power certainly sparked online discussion and challenged us all to think differently.   Late in the year, there was the ThinkStation, the new line of personal workstations that reflect the growing diversity and depth of the Lenovo product portfolio.  2007 was also about breaking new ground in other ways - quite literally in fact.     Lenovo announced the construction of 5 new manufacturing facilities in China, India, Poland, Mexico, and the United States which are strategically located to strengthen supply chain responsiveness, flexibility, and consistency.     Lenovo also began construction of a third building at its US headquarters in December, a signal of commitment to the North American market, and a visible symbol of progress for me as I pass the cranes and concrete trucks in the parking lot each day. Beyond the products and the physical construction of a broader global footprint, 2007 has been an excellent year for growth in recognition of the Lenovo brand.   Elements of the Lenovo brand and design and technology influence can be seen all around us, from the winning design of the 2008 Olympic torch, to the joint sponsorship of the Williams F1 team.   I could go on at length about all the exciting things that were part of Lenovo in 2007, but perhaps it is most fitting to conclude with what I hope is just the beginning.   Since the first Lenovoblog, Design Matters, launched in June of 2006, the comments have poured in from our customers and there has been a lot to talk about.   We wanted to hear and do more, so to provide our customers with the ability to converse and share experiences with one another as well as with us, we launched the Lenovo forum.    Happy New Year - See you in 2008 !