No Stone Unturned: 5 Universal Truths About Turquoise and Technology

Photo (c) Kathy Holoman 2015

I got an unexpected education at First Monday or “Canton,” as the locals call it. While pouring over cases of vintage Native American jewelry at the Texas flea market, my friend, an antique dealer and expert in Southwest American Indian Jewelry, led me down a path of enlightenment. Yes, I realized, the worlds of turquoise jewelry and data center technology do indeed collide.(1)

1. Buying Native American bracelets is like procuring servers – your purpose should drive your purchase. Sometimes one works beautifully. In other instances, a carefully coordinated group is a better choice.

Lenovo offers a vast portfolio of servers ranging from 1-socket 1U general-purpose servers to 8-socket 8U servers designed for mission-critical data center needs. Click here to learn more. Drill down by clicking on each respective server type. For a demo or for more information, contact your Lenovo sales representative for a consultation.

2. Buying one piece of jewelry is nice, but it’s even more satisfying to buy a suite of bracelets, rings, necklaces and other components that work well together -- especially when all are available from one vendor. 

Photo (c) Kathy Holoman 2015

Even at flea markets, the “single source” concept is appealing. The great product quality, fantastic customer service and a broad selection from one particular vendor in Canton spurred me to buy a number of complementary pieces at the same time.

When it comes to data center infrastructure, Lenovo has a comprehensive suite of infrastructure products including servers, storage products, networking, solutions, software and services. You can get everything you need from one vendor.   

3. Discerning buyers do look at marks and brand names.

Especially with vintage sterling silver and turquoise jewelry, the presence of specific maker’s marks can make a big difference in quality and investment value.Photo (c) Kathy Holoman 2015

With servers and other data center infrastructure, certain logos are marks of quality. A Lenovo logo means reliability, security, availability and generations of staying power. To learn more, browse the host of Lenovo technology presentations on SlideShare.

4. Immediately recognizable design elements often have more significance than meets the eye.

Zuni bracelets, for example, often have a distinctive readily recognizable “needlepoint” look. The backstory is that this tribe had a great deal of expertise and facility in finessing small smooth stones into intricate patterns. Photo (c) Kathy Holoman 2015

On the other hand, Navajo jewelry tends to feature larger more chunky stones and larger design elements.

A number of Lenovo servers also have instantly recognizable design details. Let's zero in on three examples found in the Mission Critical Portfolio:

- X6 rack servers are distinguished by their bezel-free front face and their distinctive round honeycomb fans. The lid-less bezel-free design is a significant reminder of the fact that these servers are designed to be installed into the rack and stay in the rack. Servers, maintenance and upgrades are simply accomplished from the front and the back without the need to remove the server from the rack.

Lenovo System x 3850 X6

- Lenovo Flex System X6 Compute Nodes feature a distinctive front scalability connector that makes scaling-up easy.

Flex System x880 X6 Compute Node

- Lenovo x37650 M4 packs 4 sockets of compute power into an ultra-dense 2U design thanks to a unique Socket and Memory Expansion Tray.

5. To stand the test of time, there has to be a constant history of learning and relentless striving for improvement. 

The Navajo Nation pioneered jewelry making for a period of two centuries or more. They progressed from crafting rudimentary pieces inspired by their trading contact with the Spanish to melting money down to make silver jewelry. New techniques such as hammered silver and incorporating turquoise were added to their repetoire. By 1872, the Zuni followed suit, adding silver work to their expertise in iron, brass and copper. The Hopi tribe learned the art next.(2)(3)(4) The continuous history of finetuning techniques and adding new designs has helped sustain the popularity of Native American jewelry and add to its value.

Lenovo Enterprise Business Group portfolio is backed by many product generations, a continuing investment in R&D, by benchmark testing and by constant contact with customers to determine business and technology needs.

In contemplating the best infrastructure choices for your data center, make sure you leave no stone unturned. Contact your Lenovo sales representative or visit to learn more.

1) Special thanks go to Jorene Turner, Dallas TX antique dealer and long-time authority on Native American Jewelry, for her patient explanations of the construction and specific design characteristics of many types of Native American jewelry. Jorene recently provided me with an in-depth lesson on turquoise, silver, and coral arts ranging from the late 1800s to present.

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