Latest Lenovo ThinkServer Rack Servers Redefine Value

Lenovo ThinkServer RD540

Guest blog by Andrew Jeffries, ThinkServer Product Marketing Manager -- One of the most grossly overused words in the English language is value. And, nobody abuses it as much as the technology industry. “Outstanding value,” this, “impressive value,” that. How annoying. Let’s face it; everything can’t be such a great value. This week, Lenovo is announcing two new performance-optimized rack servers at the EDUcause event in Los Angeles ─ the ThinkServer RD540 and ThinkServer RD640. And these new servers offer…wait for it…you know what I’m going to say…yes, impressive value. Should you listen to this latest spin on value? I think so. Here’s the scoop about value in Lenovo’s ThinkServer rack servers. There’s nothing tricky about it:  value = easy to use + lots of features + awesome prices. 

These ThinkServer rack servers are flexible, scalable, and offer balanced performance that’s perfect for virtualization, collaboration, e-mail/DB and many other workloads. They could be the Swiss army knife of the server world. 

They’re easy to configure, easy to manage, and easy to update. That’s key, because easy to use means you have more time to do other stuff and less time to mess with your server.  But, alone, easy isn’t the only facet. These latest ThinkServer rack servers are loaded with lots of standard features that the other brands either don’t offer or make you pay extra for. These are useful features like web-based remote management for out-of-band (OOB) service, high-quality rail kits, heaps of redundant, hot-swap components and seriously powerful hardware RAID on every single model.  

Easy to use with lots of features, the new ThinkServer RD540 and RD640 are also budget-friendly and work with your existing SAN, console, switches and network strategy. It’s what Lenovo calls its open standards philosophy to build its servers. You continue using what you have and you aren’t locked into proprietary technology. That flexibility gives you freedom to plan your network and save your budgets. That’s what Lenovo calls “impressive value”: easy to use, lots of features and awesome prices.