Kodachi Announces: Richard Sapper, Design, and Teddy Bears

Last week Richard Sapper and Tomoyuki Takahashi were in Raleigh working on the next generation ThinkPad design strategy with my team. This is exactly how Kodachi was born. We spent days reviewing highly detailed concept models carried through customs by Tom, sharing ideas, making quick study models, and debating next steps. The team never ceases to amaze me with their quantity of design models and fresh ideas. It's rare that a designer can take time to glance in the rear view mirror. The view always seems more compelling when imagining the future, but Kodachi is so significant that we had to celebrate the milestone. We took some time away from the packed agenda to create a short film with Sapper sharing his thoughts on design and the X300. I thought you would enjoy seeing it on the day of the official product announcement. Cheers!


David Hill