Just the Facts: The Story You are About to See, “Lenovo X6 Versus HP Superdome X,” is True

You may have seen one of the most famous police shows in the history of television -- Jack Webb’s Dragnet* – a 1949 radio drama that morphed into a television series** airing in various forms for more than four decades***. Dragnet typically included a clip of Sergeant Joe Friday uttering his signature phrase, “All we want are the facts, ma'am."** Sergeant Friday was known for reaching swift [and most often correct] conclusions about guilt or innocence with his “just the facts” approach.

For data center leaders responsible for technology infrastructure purchasing decisions, facts should also drive conclusions. With this in mind, a new video + from Lenovo presents a “just the facts” comparison between Lenovo X6 servers and HP Integrity Superdome X systems.

The facts are compelling:

  • The X6 portfolio has more winning benchmarks to its credit than competitive enterprise servers.
  • These systems deliver blazing fast performance for mission critical workloads thanks to onboard storage including SSDs or HDDs, PCI-based flash and eXFlash memory-channel storage.
  • X6 delivers rich memory expansion – to up to 12TB of memory.
  • X6 systems support eXFlash memory-channel storage, HDDs, SSDs, and PCIe flash. This can mean decreased solution costs.
  • X6 systems provide broad support for a rich ecosystem of operating systems and hypervisors.
  • Solutions that are optimized especially for X6 are cost-effective and speed time-to-value.
  • When it comes to SAP HANA, X6 owns more than 60% market share globally. What’s more, check the price of Lenovo configurations vs. competitors such as HP. Some are significantly less expensive.
  • X6 servers consume half the footprint of HP Integrity Superdome X servers, yet they offer the same maximum memory.

Watch "It's a Fact: Lenovo X6 Surpasses HP Integrity Superdome X Every Time" for the truth about enterprise servers.(Cue four note Dragnet theme song here. Repeat standard opener, "The story you are about to see is true.***) The facts will lead you to your own quick conclusions.

For more information about Lenovo X6 servers, click here or contact your Lenovo representative.


Original art by Kathy Holoman, March 2015

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+Note: an updated version of the video was posted to YouTube as of 5/4/2015. That updated video is what each link above represents.