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Blogs are a great medium for many things - taking the audience inside places they wouldn't otherwise get to see,  providing an insider's perspective on new products and services,  sharing opinions and giving the reader a chance to vote or otherwise have their say through comments. What blogs don't do well, is allow members of the audience to talk amongst themselves, or to even start conversations about topics that are the most important to them.   Discussion forums are a far better vehicle to provide these types of valuable opportunities, which is why Lenovo just launched our own discussion community.  Members are joining from around the world, reflecting the truly global nature of Lenovo itself. I want to emphasize the concept of community, especially a global one - an enduring conversation, based on new relationships amongst members.    Communities reflect a commitment to constructive participation and mutual benefit.   Members can expect to draw value from the forum commensurate with their level of contribution.  I hope that you will click through now and join the conversation, contributing your questions, your ideas, and your solutions for the benefit of all.     Join the Lenovo Forumtoday.    I'll see you there!