Join the Latam social revolution today!

Hola! My name is Belen De Perez and for an aspiring journalist at heart , I can't imagine a more exciting career opportunity working in the Internet industry today. I recently joined Lenovo and am developing a new role as “Social Media Community Leader”. Over the past several years, I’ve been exploring my corner of the blogosphere in Latin American (Latam) and am looking forward to helping Lenovo develop many web 2.0 initiatives as part of the overall online evolution.

In recent years, the use of blogs, microblogging platforms like Twitter, Facebook and other social networks have grown in an amazing way. Currently, worldwide users spend an average of 4.5 hours daily engaged in some form of social media (rather than watching TV!). An article published by ABC media shows the digital revolution in Latin America: "Economic growth in Latin America and the largest income redistribution that has taken place in most countries of the region is having an impact on the digital lifestyle”. It is possible to see this revolution in Social Communities’ growth and expansion in different regions.  Today, Latin-American consumers expect to share experiences and opinions online, to discuss and consult, to help other, to interact! That is why today we can find different social networks and Communities specialized in such diverse subjects such as food, maternity, sports, fashion and computers.

In this context, Lenovo wants to be part of this growth, providing not only support but also inspiring the confidence that customers need today. The desire for collaborative communication through web 2.0 channels - to be a part of the customer experience - that’s why we launched a Spanish Forum focused on Latin-American users. Let me be the first to invite you to join and share your opinions and ideas, seek advice from others and to share your expertise. Community participation is growing to include a diverse mix of Lenovo employees and users from many countries within Latam who enjoy collaborating online. We are also providing feedback and updating content through our new Spanish Twitter and Facebook accounts. We use these channels to promote contests, showcase the latest products, share videos and event photos while interacting directly with our followers and friends in a more relaxed and casual manner. Come join us on your social network of choice... I hope to see all of you soon! Belen De Perez