It’s a Floor Wax…It’s a Dessert Topping…It’s a Storage Array!

Shimmer Non-Dairy Floor Wax

Guest blog by Gregg Shupe… The legendary Dan Akroyd/Gilda Radner Saturday Night Live skit for Shimmer Non-Dairy Floor Wax promoted a product that was simultaneously a workhorse floor wax AND a delectable dessert topping. Like the multipurpose Shimmer product, today’s medium-sized business customers need a way to get the biggest bang for their buck with their IT investment. “How do I spend the least amount of money to perform tasks like PC/server backup AND deliver highly visible, state-of-the-art application capabilities, such as server virtualization and video surveillance?”

It’s a Floor Wax

Backup is the IT equivalent of cleaning the floor. No one likes to do it, but if you don’t, eventually someone gets hurt — slip and fall/data loss. LenovoEMC storage is integrated with capabilities from Acronis to protect data from PCs, NAS devices and even servers, and to move the data offsite — to back up the backup.  

It’s a Dessert Topping

Appealing to the technologist’s sweet tooth, LenovoEMC offers leading-edge virtualization capability sized and priced for mid-market users. The LenovoEMC px12-400r and px12-450r support LenovoEMC’s Integrated Virtualization Extension (IVX).  IVX is an early example of one of the hottest trends in IT — convergence.  For example, you could virtualize a Windows print server running directly on the NAS device without interfering with the native NAS capabilities. Add a video surveillance application running on storage as the “cherry” on the dessert topping — the latest, most visible IT application — especially for small locations like medium-sized businesses and branch offices. You truly can have your cake and eat it too!

It’s a Storage Array

LenovoEMC storage products support from 12 to 375 users in a single product, providing block and file storage for PCs and servers with advanced functions, such as Acronis backup, IVX and video surveillance. So check out LenovoEMC storage products to get the biggest bang for your buck.