Is That My ThinkPad? Is That My Motorcycle?

Who is that

I really like this image from our new advertising campaign. I like it for how it positions the ThinkPad X1 as a machine for those who do, but I also like it for the motorcycle reference.  The off road motorcycle shown is exactly like one of the bikes I personally own. You may recall I blogged about a dirt oriented cross country trip I made with some of my friends in 2009, and of course my trusty ThinkPad. You can read about the trip here. I guess we were way ahead of the curve on this "DO" concept.

My 2008 DRZ400s modified for the "DO"

I kept my X300 in the black hard shell Pelican case mounted to the luggage rack for safe keeping.  The one thing I didn't try was mounting my ThinkPad to the handlebars with bungee cords. I wish I had tried it. It would have been useful for those quick checks on route progress and as an emergency windshield. Typically I don't like a windshield on a dirt bike, they make me feel like I should be wearing a fez while tossing candy to the crowd at a local parade.

For those who do... not have a windshield

Maybe this weekend I'll try strapping my ThinkPad X1 to the bars and give it a spin. I'm sure I have some nice red bungee cords somewhere.

David Hill