Introducing Win8’s Favorite Accessory: The Lenovo Wireless Touchpad

The New Windows 8 user interface – although seen before its official announcement – created a lot of emotions. The majority of new PCs will have this new interface, pushing us toward a new world of touch. I want to explore a new way to benefit from the many features of Win8 by introducing it's best friend, the Lenovo Wireless Touchpad.

The biggest change in Win8 is the Start screen, which is optimized for touch. To accommodate this demand for touch, there are new apps – gestures, bigger buttons, redesigned user interface. Whether you have a touch screen enabled device or not, there is a change in how you navigate too. The challenge is that currently not all notebooks and even less desktops have touchscreen. When all you hear about is touch, but you do not have that capability yet, ask yourself – how do I benefit in this situation? The answer is simple for me – The Lenovo Wireless Touchpad.

We introduced the new Lenovo Touchpad to enable you to:

- Navigate on your notebook or desktop even without a touch screen on your system
- Navigate using touch, comfortably, on a docked notebook on a stand or if your notebook is positioned further from your finger tips to take advantage of an external keyboard.
- Utilize new gestures
      o   Mimic Windows 8 touchscreen gestures (like edge swipe)
      o   Zoom, rotate – Remember, I told you that new apps which support this are already here!
      o   Quick volume control (including mute by single gesture)

As usual, you can expect the great comfort or soft touch finish, which I prefer more than glass. The glass looks cool, however, my finggers jump a bit on it while soft touch finish enables smooth slide on the surface. - it is more precise for me.

The cool thing is you do not need to install any driver - just plug in a small USB receiver into your USB port and start working. And don't worry, it replaces your mouse even out of Win8 - like in graphics BIOS.

I am embracing this new trend in technology that allows us to interact with our systems in interesting ways. I would liek to know what you think about this new world of touch?

Update: if you looking for this Touchpad the PN is 0A33909 (US shop link)