Introducing ThinkPad Yoga

ThinkPad Yoga Dons Black and Business-Ready Features

Fom the original bento box inspired design, to the butterfly keboard on the ThinkPad 701 from 1995, to the twist of a screen on the ThinkPad Twist, along with the introduction of the sleek X1, and now the ThinkPad Yoga-- history continues to be made as the ThinkPad knows no limits.

The new ThinkPad Yoga borrows the flip and fold, four mode design from the original Lenovo Yoga to create its own space for business customers with its performance, security and productivity features as well as customization options. The 12.5-inch magnesium alloy ThinkPad Yoga offers a stunning visual and intensive multimedia experience starting with choices of a Corning Gorilla Glass HD IPS or a FHD IPS display (optional digitizer and pen available for the FHD display) running Windows 8.1. For a responsive touch experience, use its 10-finger touch screen running Windows 8.1 or its oversized five-button glass trackpad optimized for gestures.

Designed for maximum comfort in all modes, the ThinkPad Yoga features a unique lift and lock system created for tablet mode. The system automatically lifts and locks the keys on the machine’s keyboard in place for a streamlined feel. Additionally, ThinkPad Yoga features the legendary ThinkPad keyboard with optional backlit models and models with Near Field Communications (NFC) to easily share data between devices.

The ThinkPad Yoga has the key performance technologies business users need: choices of up to Intel 4th generation Core i7 processors, up to 1 TB of storage equivalent to the size of storing 500 DVD movies as well as all-day battery life. The ThinkPad Yoga also responds to voice input so users can chat on Instant Messaging programs, play their music, search the web and more without lifting a finger. And for an expanded workspace, Lenovo’s One Link dock, purchased separately, provides USB ports, a mini-HDMI connection, Gigabit Ethernet and more.

Video below:

Guest blogging by Khaner Walker, Senior Manager, WW Internal Communications