Interesting uses for a Lenovo PC

What do you use your Lenovo PC for?    Like many, I use my PC at work and at home primarily as an information portal, participating in online communities, writing on a blog,  finding directions, checking global news or the weather, paying bills, ebaying, or emailing my folks.  I rarely do much now that doesn't require connectivity - the concept of an application, a stand alone use for the PC is less relevant for me.   Sure, I use excel and powerpoint to organize  information and focus my thoughts into what I hope are compelling presentations.   But, these are all a bit mundane and today I'm setting out to explore the interesting, and hopefully the extraordinary uses for a Lenovo PC. In his travels, Matt has already explored how ThinkPads are being used by storm chasers, and even thoughtfully shared his personal interest in photography and how he was using a ThinkPad W700 to improve his holiday photos.   Matt is on to something here - how are people using their Lenovo PC's?   I'm going  to explore this a bit in upcoming posts, and while I expect to see a lot of ThinkPads, I also hope to see some Thinkcentre or Ideacentre desktops, ThinkStation workstations, and IdeaPad notebooks and netbooks being used in creative and inspirational ways.  I'll invite you to share your story - Post a comment about how you use your Lenovo PC and I'll follow up on some of the more interesting responses and see if we can highlight your story here, or link here from your own blog where you have shared your story directly.  What's the most interesting way you are using a Lenovo PC?