SAP HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance) is an in-memory computing platform that has completely transformed the relational database industry. It combines database, application processing, and integration services on a single Lenovo X6 platform.

SAP HANA provides a flexible, cost-effective, real-time approach for managing large data volumes. It helps organizations dramatically reduce the hardware and maintenance costs of running multiple data warehouses and operational and analytical systems.

With SAP HANA, organizations are able to instantly access, model and analyze all of their SAP business transactional and analytical data from virtually any data source in real time.

In-Memory Computing:

SAP HANA relies on in-memory computing to quickly analyze massive amounts of data. In-memory computing is a technology that allows the processing of tremendous quantities of data in main memory to provide immediate results from analysis and transaction. The data is available for processing or analysis immediately after it is created.

To achieve the preferred performance, in-memory computing adheres to the following basic concepts:

  • Keep data in main memory to speed up data access.
  • Minimize data movement by using the columnar storage concept and compression, and performing calculations at the database level.
  • Divide and conquer by using multi-core architecture and multi-processor servers to meet growing demands.

Lenovo X6 SAP HANA Solution:

SAP HANA on Lenovo X6 servers helps you make faster more informed decisions, even with escalating data loads. The solution is designed to maximize your system performance to provide a smarter, more efficient approach to resource management.

Integrating hardware, software and memory advancements, X6 servers are designed to be agile, scalable and more resilient. This drives your SAP HANA applications to operate more efficiently and help improve your bottom line.

Preconfigured models optimized for SAP HANA and validated by SAP can help speed time to value for your SAP HANA implementations.

  • Scale memory from: 128 GB to 4 TB and scale out to 94 nodes for business warehouse and data mart applications.
  • Scale up to 6 TB in production systems and 12 TB in non-production systems for SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA.
  • Maximize flexibility to meet changing workload demands with FlexNode. Partition your 8-socket System x3950 X6 SAP HANA system as one 8-socket system or two 4-socket systems.
  • Purpose-built to support large-scale SAP HANA deployments with proven expansion capacity to scale out to over 100 TB SAP HANA system.

The Lenovo X6 solution for SAP HANA on X6 offers superior reliability, availability and serviceability.

  • Ensure business resiliency through integrated disaster recovery capability.
  • Perform maintenance and serviceability faster due to the modular server and cluster design. Eliminate restarts and ease serviceability by minimizing the number of system “touches”.
  • Reduce downtime with self-healing architectures for CPU failures.
  • Maintain high availability by eliminating production outages and providing disruption-free maintenance and capacity upgrades.

Lenovo Cost of Ownership Advantage:

A study done by International Technology Group (ITG) on the cost/benefit of SAP HANA deployments found the Lenovo X6 servers to be the lowest cost solution for scale-out deployments.

For 4-, 8- and 12-node clusters built around 4-processor servers, Lenovo X6 was 20 percent less than for equivalent Cisco offerings and 26 percent less than for HP ConvergedSystem 500. For 12- and 16-node clusters built around 8-processor servers, Lenovo X6 was 31 percent less than HP ConvergedSystem 900. To find out more about these results, read the ITG Executive Brief.

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