IdeaPad S9/S10 owners rejoice - batteries available for purchase

We've touched on the IdeaPad S9/S10 netbook before on Connections, which seems to have a strong following in the community. People have been dropping in high performance SSD's and even hacking Apple's Mac OSX onto our tiniest IdeaPads. Amidst the modding talk and bargain hunting discussion, we've seen a good amount of chatter about the optional 6 cell battery for the S9/S10 or S9e/S10e (the batteries discussed here are compatible with both). A number of you have been waiting for these and I wanted to take a moment to let you know they are now available for purchase. I have included direct links below for you to purchase on the U.S. website. Next to those links are also the part numbers for these products so those in other countries can contact their local sales teams to see about ordering - availability in other countries may differ! Finally, a colleague just informed me that U.S. customers can take advantage of a 10% off coupon code through December 31st 2008. The code is USPTVSU10 and is applied at checkout. IdeaPad S9e/S10e 6 cell battery (white) 51J0399 IdeaPad S9e/S10e 6 cell battery (black) 45K1275 IdeaPad S9e/S10e 3 cell battery (white) 51J0398 Let us know how your netbook experience changes with the 6 cell battery! On a related note, has anyone modded their S9 or S10 yet?