IdeaPad S10-3T Enthusiast Blogger

Today, while looking through the world of Lenovo in the blogosphere, I ran across Jesse Anderson's Lenovo S10-3T blog.  His most recent post - an impromptu effort to collect improvement feedback from his audience really caught my eye because he seems truly passionate about the S10-3T and gathering ideas for future improvements from other customers.  He also wondered  if we were paying attention.  I'd like to think we are!

After reading over his blog for a few minutes, I was really impressed by both the breadth and depth of content,  his effective use of YouTube to demonstrate what he's talking about, and the fact that he's been going strong on this subject for five months! Disclaimer : Lenovo is not affiliated with this blogger and is not responsible for any offers or representations made in the video, or on the blog.  The Video is shared here for reference only.