IdeaCentre A720 Flattens All Notions of Desktop Computing

All-in-One (AIO) PCs are changing the desktop game – literally and figuratively. From a business perspective, sales of AIOs are rising sharply. Lenovo is currently the No. 2 seller of AIO PCs.  From a user perspective, AIO desktops are changing the way we interact with our computer, encouraging interactivity directly vs. through a keyboard. What was once a machine that users sat in front of at eye level to compose documents and browse the internet has morphed into a flexible digital hub for the home, where touch and response is an integral part of the interaction with the PC.

Case in point is the new IdeaCentre A720, which goes on sale today. First announced at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, the A720 is turning a lot of heads -- in many cases out of pure necessity due to the A720’s remarkable ability to fold completely flat.


The introduction of the A720 means that computing in the home will never be the same. Gone are the days of basic user type input and static computer output. Computing is much more dynamic now. Lying flat, for example, the A720 becomes a one-on-one table top air hockey field, or an extension of musical creativity where users can tickle the <digital> ivory keys of a piano. Pulled to its upright position, the A720 doubles as a home theater for watching movies or videos in any room of the house, or a cooking companion as a digital cook-book in the kitchen.

The desktop has drastically evolved from the DOS prompt of the past. AIOs are breathing new life into the desktop category and the A720, with its transformer-like design, is re-defining how users interact with the PC. These stunningly sleek and compact desktops will make you fall in love with your PC all over again.

IdeaCentre A720 AIO Video Tour: