Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Simplification, Scalability and Cost Reduction–Finally!

What it is

It’s a term that’s being heard more and more across the IT landscape. Put simply, hyperconvergence enables integration, or convergence of highly-reliable server platforms, with storage, networking and virtualization resources.

Since all resources can be managed as a single system, organizations can implement highly-agile, easy-to-manage IT infrastructure solutions in a single turnkey package, from a single vendor.

The ability to converge environments has been a goal for IT ever since the early days of computing.The data center, in particular, has faced consistent challenges with inflexible systems and cost pressures.

Benefits of hyperconvergence

For businesses, the emergence of hyperconvergence is a huge advance that delivers important benefits such as reduced IT costs and exceptional scalability, while eliminating storage complexity and fostering innovation and valuable new services. In a nutshell, hyperconvergence delivers big things in small packages.Consider the benefits businesses routinely gain from implementing a hyperconverged IT infrastructure. 

Who it's for

  • Growing businesses with limited resources
  • Project-based businesses that must respond quickly to market changes and demands
  • Companies that rely on extensive data analytics solutions
  • Organizations moving to a virtualized environment.

Virtually any organization in any industry can gain these benefits from implementing a hyperconverged IT infrastructure. Consider these vertical specific business cases:

Banking, Insurance & Financial Services
A hyperconverged IT infrastructure enables these businesses to speed the development and rollout of innovative new products and initiatives while meeting regulatory requirements, mitigating risks and controlling capital and operating costs. Back-end applications are fully scalable and deliver exceptional performance.

Widespread adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), challenges IT to develop customized solutions while maintaining security, availability, and performance. A hyperconverged system makes it possible while maintaining tight control on capital and operating expenses—as much as 50 percent less costly than traditional systems without compromising availability or scalability.

Every public sector organization is seeking ways to squeeze the most out of shrinking IT budgets. A simplified IT infrastructure with a high level of efficiency fits the bill, particularly a hyperconverged environment with pay-as-you-grow flexibility. This kind of integrated system also eliminates downtime and simplifies management while ensuring powerful data protection. 

The education sector can gain great leverage out of tight budgets with the simplicity of a hyperconverged IT infrastructure, with its standout ability to pay-as-you-grow. These systems support schools’ growing needs for BYOD adoption, data access by faculty and students and new online learning applications.   

Service-based businesses
Development of new and unique offerings and acquiring new customers are essential to the growth and profitability of service providers. Hyperconverged IT helps service providers focus on the challenges of business growth without time-intensive needs for growing and managing the IT infrastructure, or dealing with troubleshooting or downtime. Up-front IT costs are minimized, while ongoing management can be as much as 70 percent less costly than traditional systems.   

Tomorrow’s hyperconverged technology will be even better. Why not leap ahead?

Lenovo is the recognized worldwide leader in x86 server service and support throughout the IT lifecycle. Nutanix is the industry leader in hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined storage.

Lenovo and Nutanix have joined forces to develop exciting, new hyperconverged IT infrastructure solutions. A new family of hyperconverged appliances will be built on Lenovo’s industry-leading enterprise systems, based on the renowned System x platforms and powered by Nutanix software.

The combined Lenovo/Nutanix solution will natively converge compute, storage and virtualization into a turnkey system powering mission-critical workloads at any scale. A dedicated, knowledgeable global sales and support team will work closely with customers to design, develop and implement the new hyperconverged IT infrastructure solutions.

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