How to Use REACHit—Lenovo’s Newest App—to Manage Your Cloud

REACHit lets you search Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box all at once

It's a proud day here at Lenovo! After months of research, development and testing, we've released REACHit - the newest member of our DOit Apps family.

Like it’s sister app SHAREit, REACHit was conceived as a way to make your digital life a little bit simpler - by giving you a single dashboard that lets you search for files across all of your cloud services (like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Box) and all of your devices (like your home laptop, your work PC, your tablet, your mobile) at once.

That's right. No matter what device you're on, you can use REACHit to find a file on any other device you have, or in any cloud storage service we support. And it's completely free on any Android or iOS device and Windows PCs.

We hope you're excited to get your hands on REACHit for a test drive, and we'd love to hear your feedback on the app in the comments section below. Here's a short list of the things you should know about REACHit to get started.

1. REACHit works on Android, iOS and Windows devices

If you're reading this and have a Lenovo PC, phone or tablet, awesome. We're thankful to have you as a customer. We also understand that most people have different brands of tech for different needs. With REACHit, you can install it on an Android-based phone like a Samsung, and on an iPad, and on your Windows 7 or 8.1 PC, for example - any combination of Android, iOS and Windows is possible.

2. You can connect Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive

When you first launch REACHit, you'll be able to connect to your cloud storage accounts just by entering your login credentials. If you have more than one Google Drive account, like one personal account, one for work, and one for a group project, you could connect and search across all three. You'll no longer have to remember multiple logins to quickly find files. You can just set it up once and use REACHit from here on out.

3. When should you use REACHit?

There's a lot of ways you can use REACHit. Here's a few to get your wheels turning:

  • When you're at the office and you want to listen to music from your home PC
  • When you're at the airport on your smartphone and want to grab a video from your tablet
  • When you know you started a list called "Holiday Gifts" but you can't remember when, where or how you saved it
  • When you need to copy a lot of files from one cloud storage account to another

The list goes on and on. Send us a tweet sometime and let us know how you use it.

4. You can edit files directly in REACHit

REACHit is integrated with Zoho, a simple file editor similar to Google Docs or Open Office. If you need to edit a document, spreadsheet or presentation you can do that directly in REACHit and save it back to the cloud or to your device. When you right click on a file, you'll see an option called "Open With". In that menu you'll find the option to open and edit with Zoho.

5. You can add REACHit’s search engine to the taskbar

When you have REACHit running on your PC, you can add it to your taskbar. When you use this for your search, it will read all of the locations that you set up in REACHit in the app.

6. The REACHit web app has a local folder

By default, when you launch REACHit on your PC you’ll see some folders – My Documents, My Videos, My Music, My Pictures and REACHit – already accessible in your dashboard. The REACHit folder has two functions:

1. When you open a file from the cloud or another device, it gets stored locally in the REACHit folder

2. If you copy files into the REACHit folder on your PC, you can access them through the web app

7. Change your REACHit settings to search your entire hard drive

When you first start using REACHit on your PC, you’ll only be searching the default folders that load (My Documents, My Videos, My Music, My Pictures and REACHit). This is so you won’t be overwhelmed by seeing all of your PCs files in your dashboard. If you want to turn on the ability to view and search all of your PC’s hard drive, you can launch settings from the REACHit icon in the taskbar, and enable “Show Me Everything”.

8. Is there a demo video?

But of course


9. Who you should tell about REACHit?