How to put a ThinkPad and a music video through extreme torture

ThinkPads are Mil-Spec tested to withstand the most extreme environments. No surprise there, right? You’ve already seen them cheat death. But can they still hold up when they’re powered on? For instance, could a ThinkPad play a music video the whole way through while undergoing extreme torture? Only one way to find out…

Step 1: Make Music Video
To kick things off, we hit the studio with world champion beatboxer, Rahzel. Using the ThinkPad’s durability as his inspiration, he created an original track for us. Pretty cool, huh?  And once he laid down the track, we got in the booth and shot ourselves a music video.

Step 2: Upload Music Video to ThinkPad X1 Yoga
Things are about to get interesting…

Step 3: Bring On The Torture
Once we pressed play, there was no turning back. The ThinkPad and Rahzel had to make it through seven excruciating torture tests. Here’s how they went down…

The Freezer
We got our hands on an industrial freezer, adjusted the temperature to -20 degrees Celsius, and let the ThinkPad fend for itself in the frozen tundra.

The Sauna
Things got steamy pretty quickly in here, and the ThinkPad held up a lot better than our production crew. It was so hot and humid that most of us could only stay on set for a few minutes at a time.
The Woodshop
The ThinkPad is Mil-Spec tested to withstand dust, so we used both a belt-sander and table saw to kick out as much sawdust as possible, and the ThinkPad didn’t even flinch.

The Engine
Now this was a good time. We strapped our trusty ThinkPad to a muscle car’s engine, and revved that thing up as much as we could. But the video just kept on trucking.

The Welder
Sparks were flying when the welding began, but we wanted more carnage. So we pulled out a metal grinder and cut directly into the ThinkPad’s unibody. And to our surprise, the video still didn’t skip a beat.

The Pool
Our ThinkPad needed a little R&R, so we set it down beside the pool. Then we had a BMX biker jump in and splash the keyboard over and over.

The Jackhammer
The grand finale. Concrete and heavy machinery, what could go wrong? Apparently nothing. We even jackhammered into the touchpad a little bit and the video kept playing. 

Step 4: Take A Moment to Consider the ThinkPad’s Strength

After seeing the ThinkPad X1 Yoga survive so much torture, we’re not even sure we should call it a laptop anymore. It kind of feels like something else now, like a wild animal. But what kind of wild animal would it be?
We caught up with Executive Creative Directors Philip Marchington and John Cornette to get an expert’s opinion on the matter. Cornette’s response was, “A wolverine. Tough as nails. Fast. Resourceful. A true survivor.” Marchington had a different take though. He said, “The ThinkPad would be an 800 lb. Armadillo with Stephen Hawking’s intellect, or an Ankylosaurus.” Both of their responses seemed appropriate, and they certainly confirmed one thing: The ThinkPad is in a league of its own.

Laptop or 800 lb. Armadillo?

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