How to Convince your Boss that it’s Time to Refresh your Servers

Sample Tool Output

GUEST BLOG BY TAY FOSTER… You know better than anyone that it’s a tough sell to persuade decision makers to refresh when the servers are still plugging along. I’m sure you’ve heard these comebacks:

  • We have servers?
  • We’ll think about new servers when these break.
  • There’s no budget…It’s too expensive to refresh.
  • Get back in your closet!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could show your company’s decision makers that they could actually SAVE money by buying new servers? Now you can with the ThinkServer TCO/ROI Analysis Tool. This calculator allows you to enter detailed data about your existing server environment. It then quickly shows you the hard-dollar savings available from refreshing with the latest-generation ThinkServer systems. Below is a list of some of the factors evaluated in the tool:

  • Older servers use much more power and cooling than the latest generation
  • With recent performance improvements, smaller and fewer servers are required, taking less floor space in the data center
  • Supplemental maintenance and support costs on out-of-warranty servers versus support included with new servers
  • Further server consolidation through virtualization
  • OS and hypervisor licensing cost reduction

What is ROI, you ask? It’s simply the total return from the project (measured over time) divided by the initial cost of the refresh. The results are expressed as a percentage; so if the tool calculates an ROI of 150 percent, for every dollar spent on the refresh, $1.50 is delivered in net benefits. There are plenty of other reasons to refresh, in addition to ROI. You can find more info on the ThinkServer refresh page.

So why wait? The tool even creates a detailed report for you. Show your boss how you can save the company money today!