How One Fan Made A Lenovo Messenger Tote

Lenovo super-fan Joshua Grzybowski sent us some pictures of his homemade Lenovo tote bag and we were so impressed, we asked him to share more on how he made it. Here's his story.

The idea for my messenger tote came from my backpack. I have a really nice Swiss Gear backpack, but, unfortunately, its laptop pocket was designed for a 15” laptop. When I slid my brand new IdeaPad U310 into it, it nearly swallowed it. I needed to send in a rescue team just to get it back! That was when I decided I needed a smaller, more manageable way to carry my precious new Ultrabook.

I was thinking and thinking, and then I had the idea for a messenger tote. I talked with my sister to see if she wanted to sew me one, and then we both set to work designing it. I wanted a more modern “grunge” look so we decided on a nice, rough canvas that I would paint a stripe on. But wait, I didn’t want the rough canvas to be rubbing up against the nice finish on my laptop! So we decided to line it with a softer, patterned fabric.

After a trip to the local fabric store to pick up the interior, and some drop cloth scraps—yes, drop cloth, the cheapest alternative to the more expensive canvas—my sister was ready to start sewing. After a little hiccup in figuring out how the strap should be attached, it was my turn. I took the bag and, using a special Annie Sloan chalk paint, I painted on the stripe, making sure to do so lightly in some areas to give it the “grunge” look I wanted. Beforehand, I had taken a Lenovo logo and, after resizing it, cut out a stencil on cardstock using a razor-blade (carefully).

When I was done, even I was impressed with how it looked. I hope you all enjoy it!

Joshua Grzybowski lives in Michigan, where he studies Information Technology and Computer Programming at Davenport University.