How Green Mark Helps PC Users Identify Greener Computers

Like most people, I want to live a greener lifestyle.  Unfortunately it is hard to sort through the countless green certifications surrounding consumer electronics. 

That is why we at Lenovo have partnered once again with TÜV Rheinland, the leading ICT third party inspection firm by volume of certifications, to certify our newest ThinkCentre M92z and ThinkVision LT2323z under the “Green Product Mark”.  The Green Mark promotes eco-friendly products by delivering customer guidance to identifying green and sustainable products in an extremely crowded market place.  Green Mark verifies that electronic products like the ThinkCentre M92z meet the best in class parameters for energy efficiency, toxic components, recycled materials use and product carbon footprint.

These new Green Mark products ensure the sustainability and environmental friendliness under a trusted certification.  In the process of achieving Green Mark certification, the ThinkCentre M92z needed to meet a wide range of environmental qualifications including:

Finally, with Green Mark, I can easily identify the office computing products that are energy efficient and more sustainable.  Look for the Green Mark when making your next IT purchase decision and take a step toward reducing our collective environmental footprint.  

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