How Apps Are Helping Grow Today’s Sharing Economy

Sharing digital content is a normal part of our lives today – we’re hyper active when it comes to sharing. Travelers or mobile workers are using a multitude of devices to balance their personal and professional lives, so employees value tools that let them transfer content between devices seamlessly. Peer-to-peer transfers also need to be fast and efficient, whether a user is sending a presentation slides to a colleague or a viral video.

And like most things, what we start doing in our personal lives carries across to our work habits. Collaborative consumption has become commonplace among workers around the world – from sharing a customer video, music album, photo library or PowerPoint presentation.

Sharing content driven by the power of an app, and the cloud has replaced having to hunt for USB keys and external hard drives to copy and paste data. Now you can upload and download files at up to 10 MB per second, which is more than 200 times faster than Bluetooth transfers.

We recognized this need for sharing early on and built SHAREit, our mobile file sharing app that lets users share files without network charges, in 2013.

And guess what? The demand for fast, easy and seamless digital content sharing has only grown.

Just three short years after launching, SHAREit has become the world's most preferred app for cross platform sharing. More than 500 million global users now have SHAREit on their personal devices.

Part of the reason why SHAREit is consistently prevalent is its popularity in a booming market for productivity apps: India. More than 100 billion mobile apps have been downloaded from app stores as of June 2015, and that growth has continued into 2016. Among the strongest market for SHAREit is India, where an increase in productivity has spearheaded nationwide economic growth. SHAREit is the top productivity app in India, where 100 million people are using SHAREit to make their file transfers faster and easier.

While we’re proud of achieving 500 million users, we’re continuing to build new capabilities into SHAREit to attract new users and to give our existing users a great productivity platform to transfer documents, photos and videos from device to device. A cleaner interface and more efficient user experience allowed SHAREit to sustain the top ranking as the most downloaded app in India’s productivity app category. We think some new features have even more future growth in store for SHAREit.

You can give it a try by downloading it here