Horizon: The New Family Gaming Table

Lenovo has made family fun night cool again. Just as the Griswolds moved toward the horizon for the delights of Wally World, families today can bring the Horizon right into their living room and have the time of their lives. Lenovo’s new IdeaCentre Horizon Table PC is a 27-inch touch-enabled device that provides an immersive family entertainment and learning platform while doubling as a fantastic all-in-one computer that lies completely flat. Best of all, the Horizon comfortably “seats” five so Clark, Ellen, Audrey, Rusty and even Aunt Edna can bask in the glow of an interactive, 10-finger touch-enabled gaming adventure. 



Toss the digital dice on its full 1920x1080 HD display surface to “Pass Go” in Monopoly, whip the puck into the goal with the striker in air hockey, or maneuver the joy stick in Raiding Company to zero in on a Zombie. It’s easy to suspend disbelief because of the way Horizon blends the physical and digital—it makes playing digital board games incredibly realistic.

Horizon includes Lenovo App Shop, a dedicated apps store powered by Intel AppUp that gives users access to 5,000+ multi-user entertainment apps. Horizon also comes with an exclusive package of pre-loaded gaming and educational apps from industry leading vendors including Electronic Arts, FableVision, Open Labs, Ubisoft and FilmOn TV. Users can also use BlueStacks to sync Android apps between their Android smartphones and Lenovo PCs, providing access to 500,000 Android apps that can be downloaded directly to Horizon.


But Horizon is much more than a killer gaming table PC. With specs that stand shoulder to shoulder with today’s most powerful laptops and All-in-Ones, it’s a fully functional and highly capable home or school PC available with up to Intel Core i7 processors and high-performance graphics courtesy of NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 620M 1GB graphics with DirectX® 11. The backlit HD display makes Horizon a celebrity in its own right with its built-in spotlight that pairs nicely with its Dolby Home Theater v4 certification, delivering Hollywood–style, audio-visual street cred.

To promote collaboration, Lenovo is focused heavily on “Edutainment,” and while that certainly includes games for entertainment, it means much more in terms of digital learning content. Games like Fablevision’s Animation-Ish lets users turn drawings into animation and the Kids ABC Letters app puts a whole new touch on learning the alphabet. 

Horizon’s unique User Interface (UI) lets multiple people collaborate at the same time on different parts of the Table PC’s screen. Students and teachers can engage in a deeper level of interactive learning together, instead of in a 1:1 technology scenario, and this is where the unique UI can help promote sharing and learning.

Educators will find Horizon a potent learning platform since its large screen size, dazzling display and interactive attractiveness give it an A+ as a classroom companion.  Its rolling stand – which accommodates its keyboard and accessories – lets it roam the halls and its built in Wi-Fi and internal battery keeps it connected while untethered and ready for hands-on activity anywhere and everywhere.



Horizon creates an entirely new category of computing in tune with today’s touch ecosystem. And while Horizon is the first 27-inch table PC designed for the home, its ability to allow multiple people to interact with one device is a powerful instructional asset making it a sure bet to become an invaluable teaching tool in any K-12 classroom and beyond.