Holiday Hacks: DIY Smartphone Projector

Guest blog by We Are Social.

Hello Holidays! We think there’s no better way to get ready for the season than whipping up some DIY projects with your family and friends. From decorating, caroling to card-making, we’ve got a whole series of Holiday Hacks lined up for you.

For a start, cosy up at home with your loved ones while catching your old-time favourite movie, with your very own smartphone projector.


TIP: Before you begin, spray or black tape the inside walls of your shoebox to get the best image quality.

STEP 1: Trace the outer edge of the magnifying glass on the shortest length of the shoebox.

STEP 2: Using a penknife, carve out the outline you have just traced.

STEP 3: Remove the handle from the magnifying glass and align the lens with the hole. Apply duct tape all around the edge of the lens and ensure it is tightly secured to the box.

STEP 4: To make a stand for your smartphone, bend 2 paperclips into the shapes shown in the visual and secure them together with duct tape.

STEP 5: Lock your phone’s screen and flip it upside down to rest against the paperclip stand.

Position your smartphone in the box as shown in the visual. It would take a number of attempts to get the focal length right. Shift the phone back and forth inside the box until the projected image is focused. Upon finding a good range, you can enlarge the size of your projected image by increasing the distance between your smartphone projector and the wall.

STEP 6: You’re done! Use a white sheet as a screen, or simply project it onto a plain wall. Turn up your screen brightness and use the projector in a dark room for best viewing quality. Now make yourself a bucket of popcorn.