Holiday Hacks: Create Your Own Potato Chip Bag Stylus

Guest blog by We Are Social.

Adieu 2013! This year-end, we’re taking everyday items and transforming them into useful gadgets and gizmos for the holiday season.

Send out your New Year greetings by creating personalized e-cards on your tablet. Haven’t got a stylus? That’s where your leftover potato chip bag comes in.


STEP 1: Find a pen with a metal casing.

STEP 2: Cut across the potato chip bag.

STEP 3: Snip off a strip of foil.

STEP 4: Trim the foil and tape it around the tip of your pen, not covering the full metal casing.

STEP 5: Ensure your fingers are in touch with the metal casing when using the stylus. Draw and write away!