Spread the Holiday cheer 360° style

The holidays are here once again, and this year, we’re looking to do something a little bit special.

Since the start of 2014, our family has grown bigger with IBM/System x and Motorola joining us, as well as our online community that keeps expanding each day. With so many fans that celebrate the holiday season differently, just imagine if all that could be captured in one single moment to bring everyone together.

This year, we want to create the world’s first global 360° selfie, putting together a video collage of our fans all over the world celebrating the holidays in their own unique ways.

Please come and join us!




All you need to do is grab your smartphone or tablet, and head somewhere with festive lights or merry sights and snap a 360° selfie video. It can be at the comfort of your own home, while you’re out shopping for gifts or even on your year-end holiday trip. We’ll leave it to your imagination!


If you’re ready to join in the fun, here’s how you can take part on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: 

For Facebook

Step 1: Take a 360° selfie video
Step 2: Upload your video to Lenovo’s Facebook page
Step 3: Tag @lenovo and include a short description of yourself - your name, where you’re from and where the 360° selfie was taken - as well as the hashtag #Holiday360. For example, “Happy holidays from Eiffel Tower in Paris from Tom and family! #Holiday360"

For Twitter/Instagram

Step 1: Take a 360° selfie video
Step 2: Choose to share on Twitter or Instagram
Step 3: Upload to Instagram natively or share your Vine video or YouTube link on Twitter
Step 4: Include a short description of yourself - your name, where you’re from and where the 360°  selfie was taken at. For example, “@Lenovo Happy holidays from Times Square in NYC from Mary Kate and Ashley! #Holiday360”
Step 5: Include the hastag #Holiday360 and mention @Lenovo (TW / IG)
Step 6: Make sure that your profiles are public, so that we can view your awesome 360° selfies.
OPTIONAL: Tag your friends in your status update to keep the challenge going!

Now that you’re all set to go, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for our updates on FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

Let's get this party started!