High Resolution, High Design: ThinkVision L220x


Lenovo has designed and sold numerous monitors, but we just released one that breaks the mold in a few different ways. Our previous ThinkVision monitors have always been well designed with valuable ergonomics and image quality in mind, but our latest offering takes this to a higher level. Image quality is clearly at the forefront of the L220x's accolades, including the industry's first WUXGA (1920x1200) resolution in a 22" panel. It also includes a four-port powered USB hub, and rotates between landscape and portrait mode. We've done the rotate trick before, but never with a monitor so large and with so many possible cables attached. Cables are the enemy of rotating a monitor from landscape to portrait, trust me we've wrestled with this one before.

Here we devised a clever rubberized clip that gathers the cables into one assembly and then gently loops them through the base. The loop is critical in making this all work. All the cables then neatly exit the stand through a mouse hole in the snap off rear cover. It's this type of attention to detail that makes or break the experience.

Hopefully our customers will agree that these new features make for an enhanced view. You can see more photos here. David Hill