Head of the Class

Get aboard the ThinkPad bus and move to the head of the class

We just announced the ThinkPad X130e, our latest offering specially designed for the k-12 education crowd. If you ever had kids, you know the kind of abuse they can dish out to the things around them. I suffered through unexplainable damage to VCR's, televisions, and countless electronic toys during the first decade of the kid experience.  Imagine handing them an ordinary computer to take back and forth to school each day, and even more scary, use without your direct supervision? That's why we went back to the blackboard to create something that is far from ordinary. The X130e design has been uniquely ruggedized for the extreme wear and tear education environment. Here are some of the things Lenovo did to ensure success: Rubber bumper absorbs side impacts 33% stronger corners due to larger energy dispersing radii Reinforced and recessed ports Kid-proof hinges last up to 30,000 cycles Stronger bezel to protect the screen

Can you say rubber baby buggy bumpers five times fast?

When we first started working on the project I was insistent that the design should telegraph ruggedness through an obvious feature. Strengthening the hinges was a great idea, but you can't see that. It can only be experienced over time. Enter the the rubber bumper. To me, it not only protects the edges from the occasional drop from little Billy's book bag, but it outwardly communicates ruggedness. Would you buy a Jeep without bumpers? Even if you never need them it just says tough. The ThinkPad bumper is created using a unique double injection process to fully integrate the feature. 

K-12 ThinkPad loyalists will be relieved to see we offer black as a standard color

We also found through customer feedback that K-12 students, teachers and school administrations were interested in purchasing the product in colors other than black. Sure, black hides dirt, looks stealth-like, and Batman would want one, but it may not have the right school spirit. To better hit the target, we offer the X130e in classic ThinkPad black, a nice juicy red, and will make custom variations that align to your school colors.  The color panel is a separate part that makes it much easier for us to customize the order if required.

He's packing the ultimate kindergarten machine

If you want to read more about the ThinkPad X130e there is a nice write up on Engadget that includes a substantial photo gallery courtesy of Lenovo. It's nice to see this ThinkPad hit the market and enable a whole new generation of ThinkPad customers. I can already imagine the latest school supplies list; pencils, eraser, tissues, crayons, paste, round nose scissors, and of course a ThinkPad.

David Hill