Has technology stolen the spotlight in business?

In recent years, technology has stolen the spotlight in business. When it comes to the main drivers of an organisation’s success, technological advancements are often the enablers of much of this and will receive much of the kudos.

However, the role of technology leaders in business is not regarded as highly as that of the technologies that, traditionally, they have commanded. CIOs and Heads of IT often struggle to be recognised as strategic players in the organisations where they work.

Nevertheless, as the importance of the role of technology leaders grows in Australian businesses, it is important to understand what this group of professionals considers their next big challenges. This is not only relevant and important for them, but also businesses at large, given the fact that many rely on technology as a cornerstone of their organisation’s ongoing success.

In order to gain a better picture of their perception of where they are now and where they are heading, CIOs and Heads of IT from around Australia provided their comments and opinions on this topic as part of a research project commissioned by Lenovo and Intel and carried out by Galaxy Research.

As part of this research, CIOs and Heads of IT explored the topics of emerging technologies and the challenges they present, what transformations their roles may undergo in future and how members of their organisation’s executive team viewed their place in the business.

The results of the study show that this group is particularly concerned with developing a more integral link with the business’ executive and strategic functions. A strong belief in the fact that their role is not just about technology, but more about business transformation drives this imperative.

Some of the key statistics from the research include:
• Only one in 10 technology leaders currently report to their CEO although the majority of them believe this is the ideal reporting line (48 percent)

• 90 percent of CIOs and Heads of IT who would ideally want to report to the CEO name ‘alignment to business objectives’ as a key business priority

• The priorities of technology leaders in enterprises with more than 1,000 employees is more likely to originate from themselves (62 percent) than for those working in businesses with 200-999 employees (46 percent)

• Seven times more CIOs and Heads of IT in the private sector prefer to report to the CEO than those that work in the public sector (30 percent to 53 percent)

• 100 percent of technology leaders in Australian companies with 200-999 employees believe that mobility will significantly impact their roles in the future

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To read more about the next chapter in the evolution of technology leaders’ role in Australian business, download the white paper here.