Happy Birthday Mies

Today would have been the 126th birthday of the seminal modernist architect, Mies van der Rohe. Although Mies is my favorite architect, celebrating his birth was not on my radar until I saw this morning's Google logo. Thanks for the reminder Google. I really like how they transformed their logo into an abstraction of 1956's Crown Hall at IIT. If you click on this link you can watch an interesting Google Doodle animation and learn more about Mies.

Mies did not like the railings that were added to the porch and stairs

As a designer, I really admire the work of Mies and how he took simplicity and ordered perfection to the highest level possible. He broke new ground with buildings that celebrated structure rather than hid it. The Wikipedia claims he called his buildings "skin and bones" architecture. He used rationale ideals to guide the creative process of architectural design. One of his most famous quotes is quite simply "God is in the details". I've never seen a building he designed that looks dated or out of step with my own design thinking. He was a true pioneer in the field of architecture. One of my design professors, Len Singer, was actually the last person to have graduated with a degree from IIT under the direction of Mies. Maybe that's where I discovered a passion for Mies and his work? The Mies van der Rohe Society is a wonderful resource where you can explore his work and ideals.

ThinkPad stands for " Less is more"

When Mies passed  in 1969 the world of design barely knew computers. Mies van der Rohe certainly never owned a personal computer.  If  he were alive today, I think he would use a ThinkPad. The strict geometry, rational thinking, and black signature color, all say Mies to me. Sapper would certainly be proud. I once read in the annual "Perfect Things" issue of Men's Journal, that fellow modernist Philip Johnson admired ThinkPad. Surely Mies would too.

David Hill