Guest Q&A with Lucas Torres, Lenovo Scholar Network Student Participant

The Lenovo Scholar Network APP Development Program

Publisher’s note: Following the announcement of the five Lenovo Scholar Network finalists, we will be featuring high school students who participated in the Lenovo Scholar Network Mobile App Competition. Check back throughout the summer to hear more about the participating students and the apps they created! – Lenovo Education

Q&A with Lucas Torres, Lenovo Scholar Network student participant, Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology in Charlotte, NC.

Lenovo Scholar Network Student Participant, Lucas Torres

Q: What mobile app did you create?

A: The task of the Lenovo Scholar Network was to create a mobile app from start to finish, so I created a mobile app for United Service Organization (USO) North Carolina.

Q: Why did you create this app?

A: I created this app so citizens of North Carolina could locate USO centers in their area and have easy access to various bits of information about the center, like phone numbers and Facebook pages. I also strongly believe in the USO’s mission statement to provide US Military veterans with the utmost respect and recognition for their contributions and service. I will stand by any organization that reaches toward that goal.

Q: What are the biggest takeaways you received from participating in the Lenovo Scholar Network?

A: Participating in this program allowed me to refine my programming skills and learn a lot about both front-end and back-end application development. The notion of creating a mobile application was intriguing, but I did not anticipate the magnitude and depth of the knowledge I was to gain.

Q: What are some benefits you gained by participating in the mobile app program?

A: In addition to learning more about front-end and back-end application development, I also received incredible amounts of support from Lenovo representatives, USO representatives and a collection of teachers from my high school. My classmates and I also took a trip to the Lenovo headquarters in Raleigh, NC, where we were able to meet with industry professionals. I was able to meet some incredible people, and the insight and advice I gained from them proved to be very valuable.

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this project. The opportunity to collaborate with students who shared an interest in computer science and programming as part of the Lenovo Scholar Network was also very beneficial. It was their input that allowed the major components of the user interface to look the way they do.

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