Guess the ThinkPad

Time for a bit of fun. I had wanted to post an update on ThinkPad thermals, but Mark Hopkins gets credit for the idea of turning this into a game. He's now got his own Lenovo Blog. I'd recommend checking it out. He's an interesting read. Rules: 3 rounds as seen below. Points scored if you guess the ThinkPad from among its competitors in each round. For those of you more familiar with ThinkPad notebooks, you can make it harder by saying WHICH ThinkPad and what form factor is pictured. For the true experts, add if each picture has integrated or discrete graphics. Prizes: Bragging rights. But the good news is that those outside of the US are eligible to win for once. You'll have to pay all applicable taxes, of course. Put your answers in the comments section and good luck. Answers and more commentary in a few days. ROUND 1

  1. Of the next three pictures, which one is the ThinkPad? (Level: Easy)
  2. Which ThinkPad is featured and what screen size does it have? (Level: More advanced)
  3. Does it have integrated or discrete graphics? (Level: Guru)


  1. Which one is the ThinkPad? (Level: ThinkPad user)
  2. Which ThinkPad is featured and what screen size does it have? (Level: ThinkPad Product Manager)
  3. Is it an integrated or a discrete graphics model? (Level: ThinkPad Product Engineer)

Round 3

  1. The ThinkPad? (Level: I've used a ThinkPad)
  2. Which one? (Level: I've owned a ThinkPad)
  3. Integrated or discrete? (Level: I've owned every ThinkPad that was ever made. Can I show you my 701c running Linux?)