#GivingTuesday - Donating the Yoga Tablet 8” to a Youth Centre in Germany

Guest blog post by Andreas Gotthelf, Lenovo INfluencers.

#GivingTuesday may be over, but that doesn't mean we should just stop giving to those in need. In Germany we don't have special days like Giving Tuesdays, because we don't have Black Friday Deals as in America, but it is quite usual in Germany to raise funds for charities on- and offline during December and the upcoming holiday season. Local charities in Germany, like many other countries, often do not have the budget to buy the newest gadgets. Knowing this, you can easily guess how happy the teenagers at “Jugendtreff Gelmer” (a local Youth Centre in Germany open for kids and teenagers from 6 to 21 years) were after receiving their Yoga Tablet from Lenovo.

Jugendtreff Gelmer

The provider of this Youth Centre is a friendly society called “Schule, Jugend, Kids & Co e.V.” located in Muenster, Germany. The Youth Centre in Gelmer is a place where young people can meet and participate in indoor activities such as table soccer, table tennis or video games and a wide variety of outdoor activities like soccer and basketball.

The Gelmer Youth Centre is led by both professional and experienced voluntary leaders and they guide the children and teenagers in building lasting friendships and a sense of community by having unique experiences during the various activities. It is open four times a week and the youth will be able to learn cooking and baking or just playing games together. In addition to the weekly activities, they will also offer special events during school holidays such as organizing trips to holiday parks, the Zoo or to public swimming parks.

What do they do with their new Yoga Tablet?

The Yoga Tablet will now make it easier for the youths to do their everyday work. It will allow them to take pictures and movies from their activities/events and upload them to their blogs, websites and Facebook pages directly. Further more, the youths can now use the Yoga Tablet to browse the internet for information needed to plan activities for the group or to stay connected with their friends.

The overall goal at this particular Youth Centre is for the youths to have fun together and empower them to be healthier in both body and mind. A big part of their work at the Gelmer Youth Centre is to provide young people with the skills and knowledge to make their own informed decisions. They believe that young people have the right to pick and choose for themselves. It is especially true for this Youth Centre and they involve the youths early in their lives and begin with issues and areas that are of interest and concern to them. So it is important for the leaders that all planned activities reflect the wishes and ideas from the kids and teenagers.

Coming to the end of my blog post, last but not least I have to forward a BIG “Thank You” from them to Lenovo. Which proves the fact that #GivingTuesday doesn't have to only take place on Tuesdays, in order to make people happy.