Give or Take an Inch?


Can an inch really make a difference?

Two of my favorite leadership ThinkPad offerings have been the X300 and the T400s. We used our best technology, engineering, and design talent, to create some of most amazing ThinkPad's ever made. Even though one is called an X and the other T, they are in some ways quite similar. They both have an onboard optical drive, for example.  Of course there are also many key differences between them such as processor speed, docking capability, hard file capacity, battery life, thickness, weight, and of course keyboard design. The T400s was the first to sport the big escape and delete keys. One significant difference that is often discussed and debated is screen size. The X300 models use a 13.3" screen and the T400s uses a 14.1". It's amazing how a difference of about an 1" can get people talking.  

13 vs 14 new

The 13.3 is 11.4% smaller in overall viewing area

I thought it would be interesting to poll my Design Matters readers to understand your preference for screen size. Lets assume we are talking about a hypothetical 2 spindle machine where everything is equalized except for screen size. There is a very slight difference in DPI and of course the 14" version would be a bit heavier. The increased glass size adds about a half pound of system weight.  

Thanks for your continued interest in helping us shape future ThinkPad offerings. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of the poll.

David Hill